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Professional Training

Heal The Mind recognises the importance of continual professional development. Working with clients and families on a daily basis can provide us with valuable experience and knowledge. However, sometimes even years of experience cannot prepare us for certain cases. Professional trainings, seminars and workshops can be a great way to refresh your current skills and knowledge and discover new methods and tools which you could use in your workplace.

Heal The Mind has developed a range of interactive and engaging half and full-day workshops. Our half-day training workshops typically focus on a single topic, allowing you to get a strong grasp of that topic and the important factors which surround it. The workshops are highly structured around discovering new skills and learning to apply them to your everyday workload. Our full-day trainings focus on broader topics which may involve a number of important issues and factors to discuss. These training sessions are designed to provide you with relevant and useful information, practical strategies and the opportunity to practice and apply these strategies to situations in your field of work.

Available Training Programs

In our effort to accommodate the needs of our clients, we offer the flexibility of full-day and half-day training sessions. We are also able to offer our clients the option of tailoring our current programs to the needs of their employees, clients and business, as well as preparing new programs that target issues which are specific to your business/workplace.

Contact our friendly administration team to learn more about our Professional Training workshops or to hear about our special corporate packages.