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Parenting Program

Parenting, like many other roles we have in life, doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Fortunately, research on child development and parenting has come a long way, allowing us to understand developmental milestones and the role that parents have in fostering these milestones. Numerous programs have been developed all over the world and parental advice can be found left, right and centre. This, in part adds to the confusion and frustration that parents sometimes experience. Doing a simple search on parenting can result in thousands of articles and possible strategies.

Our program has selected some of the most used and scientifically proven parenting strategies and has combined them with a range of spiritual and psychological strategies to provide you with a comprehensive parenting program. After meeting each family, our team works together to design a program which will target your key issues. We then work alongside you and your family to teach you how to apply these skills to your relationship with your child. Because our programs are tailored to each family’s needs, we will have more time to focus on things that are important to you.

We recognise that there are limited services available for culturally diverse families and as a result, this parenting program has been designed to easily adapted to each family’s culture. By using our experience and staying in-touch with the latest research, we can shape the components to suit your culture, religion and family. Additionally, all our staff are trained and experienced in providing culturally-sensitive care, so you will never feel like a foreigner in our clinic.

We support parents with:

The general program structure is outlined below.

  1. Assessment of Current Situation
  2. Measuring Severity of Problem
  3. Developing Plan
  4. Teaching Parenting Strategies
  5. Providing Counselling
  6. Connecting with Other Services
  7. Staying in Touch

To accommodate a wide range of situations, we will be happy to conduct Home Visits and Online or Telephone sessions with our clients. Please note that the initial session must be conducted at the clinic unless approved by the psychologist.

If you are currently experiencing any of the above issues or have any other problems related to parenting, please don’t hesitate to contact us.