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Our company offers Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) services. Our accredited practitioners can assist organisations and individuals in resolving conflicts within their workplace or in their business but also help couples affected by separation and divorce to sort out family disputes.

Family Dispute Resolution can help parties to agree on a range of issues relating to property, money, and children.

Applications to Court can be lodged with a 60I certificate, but can also be lodged without a certificate on the basis of the exemptions to undertaking FDR. The requirement to participate in FDR applies to new applications, and applications seeking changes to an existing parenting order. Please note, there are other categories in which an accredited FDR practitioner may issue a s60I certificate for example if only one party is making a genuine effort in the mediation process.

Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution practitioners are impartial and will not take sides. They can help you to explore your concerns in an objective and positive way.

Mediation is not counselling, It follows a facilitative process that focuses on resolving specific conflicts.

FDR can help both parties to discuss concerns, look at options, and explore ways to get to an agreement with which both parties can live with.